Why the Harry Potter series might really kinda sucks!

I’ve read this moronic blog awhile ago about why Harry Potter sucks, and you may have heard about it, (I’m still getting alerts from it, which reminded me to write a this blog). It’s called, Why Harry Potter kinda sucks, written by someone called LizzieBella (Twilight Gurls). I’m sure if you’ve read it you might have gotten defensive if you’re a fan of Harry Potter… not really because it’s criticising Harry Potter, but because it’s racist, non-factual, and full of stupid errors!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Harry Potter, and even try my hand at fanfiction because canon left me hugely disappointed. Therefore, I decided that I would blog with some actual reasons why Harry Potter as a series kinda sucks, whether you choose to see these reasons as fact (reading between the lines of Harry Potter canon) or not is fine by me. However, unlike LizzieBella I’m not going to be racist, and I have read the books, the first six more than once.

I’m British myself, and I do know what happened during World War II and who teamed up with whom?! I’ve looked out there in Internet Land and I can’t find any blog giving a good bad review of Harry Potter or the characters, which is odd given the good character bashing fanfiction out there, bashing characters all across the board for their stupidity or secret vindictiveness that have been read between the lines of canon, or actually giving Harry a brain to think for himself and become kickass, or a mutant, or member of the Justice League, and even have him going to the Dark Side, etc.

So, being a Harry Potter fan, and I would consider myself a good fan, and quite knowledgeable. However, I’m up for criticism for this blog and if you have problems or questions, please do comment and if you’re being reasonable I WILL reply. If you agree or have something to add, please, go ahead, I’ll appreciate hearing your comments too.

Now starting I would like to say, I do dislike canon-Twilight. However, unlike the Why Harry Potter kinda sucks blog by LizzieBella I’m not going to sink to such a low as to compare either of them, and maybe if this blog gets some attention, positive or negative I’ll go and look closer at Twilight as I have read those books too.

So, we have little baby Harry, poor, defenceless, just fifteen months old, struck by the almighty (according to the light) killing curse “Avada Kedavra”. Now I’m not a medi-wizard now, and I would and could NEVER believe that Hagrid is. So why wasn’t Harry taken to get medical attention? He was just blasted with the curse of death!

OK, so I’ll concede that Dumbledore could know a thing or two, but nope, not even one scan, even McGonagall neglected to think this over, but then she was worried about leaving Harry with the: “worst kind of muggles”, which in itself is the first sign of racism against muggles in the series. Not that she was hating against the Dursley’s; if it was just the Dursley’s the terms should be more “worst kind of PEOPLE!”, it’s all about the wording.

So then after some blabbering, they leave a fifteen month old on the doorstep of ‘strangers’ in winter, to potentially freeze to death, or being a toddler wake up and wander off, getting kidnapped or hit by a car! That was wholly irresponsible, not to mention not asking the Dursley’s.

If Dumbledore asked the Dursley’s, they would have slammed the door in his face and Harry’s life would have been so much better! Dumbledore had been watching Harry, yet did nothing to help Harry! I bet his parents would have been turning in their graves!

Then on to some greater pastures; Harry isn’t anything special magic-wise as I’m sure you’ll all agree. He could perform some great feats, but only because he had to, such as with the dementors, fear was his motivation, and its ‘safe’ magic. However, Dumbledore, and his minions kept Harry down, in the dark, and over his life tormented and tortured (mostly mentally, and mostly Dumbledore, using people who may or may not realise something is wrong).

I’ve always believed that any wizard can become powerful, really, and that magic is like a muscle, and it needs to work, and the better the magic the harder it works, the stronger it gets.

Dumbledore could have solved most of what Harry did by just outright being upfront, but he chose to keep dangerous secrets because he liked playing the “I know better” card without giving any reason to trust he does.

As for the prophecy, really, any smart man wouldn’t have cared to hide it or keep it from Voldemort. Let him have it, it doesn’t say anything useful. Voldemort already knew he was going to kill Harry, or at least try too, and I think deep down Harry knew he would eventually go after Voldemort.

However, the supposed Great Albus Dumbledore only hindered him, causing Sirius’s death. If he had just been upfront, and honest, without the mind games or extra “lessons” with Snape then Harry wouldn’t have gone to the ministry in the first place.

I’m certain there must be rules and such that would allow Harry a tutor such as Moody. Not only that but I also believe that Dumbledore could have stopped Umbridge. He would just have to get the ICW involved as even the Wizarding World has laws against torturing students! And hands up who thinks Dumbledore and his Order of the Phoenix were oblivious to it? Yes, everyone, maybe even Molly Weasley, but with Dumbledore’s bull, even she wouldn’t do anything if he didn’t want her too.

Many people who support Dumbledore to the fullest (readers) seem to believe that only smart and gifted students can be powerful or talented, such as Albus Dumbledore, or Tom Riddle!

If Harry hadn’t relied on Hermione all the time he would have realised that if no one is going to train him to fight, teach him new magicks that he should do it himself. However, Harry was treated worse than Tom, (at home), but the difference being Harry was firmly controlled (by Dumbledore), kept from knowledge, either muggle or magic, just think who picked him up when he wasn’t getting his letters?!

If you want someone not to know what he needs to know, get Hagrid to pick them up. If Harry hadn’t been manipulated by the people he met first that Slytherin House is evil he could have been something special, and maybe got free by using people like Draco and his father, using their greed.

Also, Hermione, though a bookworm couldn’t have been as knowledgeable from books alone, what about a muggle-born orientation, looks like Harry was denied his RIGHT!

Don’t you find it odd that the Weasley’s were there, SCREAMING breaches of Magical Security? (Molly Weasley), “what platform?!” Hmm… Seems suspicious for someone who had gone to this school for seven years herself, on this train, from this platform, having three sons still in school, one year 5, two year 3? Then not to mention the two sons who have finished their 7 years too.

I could explain-ish that Weasley bit away as having normally floo’d to the platform. However, then why the day and every time since the day of Harry’s first trip do they suddenly change their ways? It must be faster and more convenient to floo in like other magical families!

Then, I have to say, “Let’s lock the philosopher’s stone away in a school full of kids with vicious traps while a dangerous dark wizard is after it!” Then, not mentioning Dumbledore obviously knowing about Quirrell and not doing anything about it. If you look back, though a douche, useless, selfish jerk, Snape was ultimately Dumbledore’s pawn, and he certainly knew it was Quirrell so why wouldn’t Dumbledore?!

And come on, do you call them defences? Defences are big doors with wards that blow intruders up! The troll down there? Did none of the other teachers put two and two together, or did they forget about Halloween and the troll in the ‘dungeon’? But then thinking about that they don’t have average maths classes, so probably not.

Though, it was Snape’s test that made me wonder WTF? Actually leaving the way through with a riddle? Carry the way through the flames with you, poison the rest, kills the thief! But what gets me laughing at the stupidity; it was the dog that stopped everyone. The rest was easy, but could have been easier. Though, why Quirrell couldn’t kill the dog I doubt anyone knows!

Anyway, with the keys, blast them all down, problem solved; easy. The chess set, grab a broom from the previous room, problem avoided, the troll, already taken care of…

Well, moving on … Second year, Ginny Weasley’s diary problem. The Slytherin’s coat of arms is a basilisk for one. However, out of all the thousands of paintings that spy on the students, not one noticed a sixty food long murderous snake?

Then the bit with the hat in the chamber…? Dumbledore tries to claim that loyalty sent Fawkes with it, but Dumbledore was happily in McGonagall’s office, which is highly suspect leaving me to believe he sent Fawkes and the hat after hiding the sword in there himself as Harry was questioning his loyalties to Gryffindor until getting that sword, saving Ginny was probably a fluke in the long run, but what does Dumbledore care?!

Third year… Harry had fought a basilisk at 12 with just a sword and a bird! Yet, apparently he would be terrified of a dementor ravaged man after his head. Who isn’t after him for some reason or another? He wasn’t given facts that could have helped him draw his own concussions over the year, time to look into the matter, he might have even wondered whether Sirius was guilty, and given a chance before Sirius was captured he could have petitioned for a trial at a time when the minister could have been persuaded.

But because he’s obviously ‘helpless’, nothing! This leads him off to do stupid things when he overhears things. It could have led to either Harry or Sirius’s death.

Then, the Time Turner business… like say what, you want to mess with space-time to get to go to every lesson, even those you obviously don’t need or care for.

If the wrong person found out and stole the Time Turner that could have been disastrous. Though, seeing here, it leads me to believe that maybe Dumbledore knew the truth, but can’t help free Sirius because Harry would leave his torment with the Dursley’s!

Then we have fourth year, the Goblet of Fire? A magical contractor as powerful as the Goblet of Fire! If you can bind another person’s name to any kind of magical contract, you could get anyone; you could just forge contracts to conquer the world. Harry should have point blank refused, and if Dumbledore didn’t know about Moody, let’s just say first, really bad friend, and second, not as bright as everyone thinks!

Then the tasks, if his friends, or at the time of the first task, Hermione (Ron abandoned him) were a real friend she wouldn’t let him just worry about dying (beat the snake without magic, so just think, with enough balls and practice) and helped him learn to survive, get stronger magically. Thinking about it, Hermione and even the teachers come off as trying to say that because this is year 5/6/7/NEWT etc., magic that because they’re only year 4 they can’t perform it.

So, answer me, why can’t they? Magic grows just like a muscle, not with age. In addition, people grow at different levels and speeds. It sounds like a way of not only holding back Harry but all the other students in the school too, so they’ll never be anything like Dumbledore, which isn’t right nor fair, and Hermione being the bossy authoritarian doesn’t really think for herself. If she did, I have no doubt she could have been quite the scholar and magical-scientist.

Then with the dragon, the only person giving enough crap to help is the Death Eater, even though it was in his benefit, and Hagrid was really just his pawn being the sap he is!

Then after the dragon bit was through, there was that ballshit with Ron. If Harry had managed to make any outside friends, I doubt he would have just accepted him back. Ron is really fair-weather in the friend department! He didn’t even apologise, but then Harry is heavily damaged and doesn’t want to lose his FIRST EVER friend, proving he’s really screwed up.

The Yule Ball! That was a mess really; he’s freaking Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived, practically a Superhero or Rockstar to everyone. He could have gotten the girl if he just stopped caring so much and dove in! Though, really with the way he wasn’t raised, and the way the magical world had been treating him over the years; I wouldn’t blame him for being terrified of rejection and lacking self-confidence!

Then that bit with Ron and the out of his league Fleur? LMFAO! Do I need to say more? Yes, weak minded simpleton!

The next challenge… if Harry looked outside of the box he could have just asked the librarian for books on surviving underwater! It’s her JOB to direct students to books they need for whatever reason! That’s what librarians do… they help you find what you need even without a book title!

But Harry was told he’s not allowed teachers help! That wouldn’t have been help for one; it would have been asking directions! Like passing through a town you’ve never been too, getting peckish and asking directions to the nearest fast food place that sells burgers!

So, he went into the lake (fake Moody’s help again) and came out with an extra “captive” (though GROSS! A straight guy having his damsel being a guy is not on for one, but having it be Ron? Not just gross but sick! And I’m not homophobic, but eww, Ron! They could have just picked a random girl and he’s Harry Potter; he wouldn’t be able to help himself!).

Harry could have just played believing that Dumbledore would let a captive die, saying that the egg told him they would, and he wanted extra points for saving the extra when he didn’t have too, since Fleur didn’t turn up, and extra points for waiting, watching to protect all of them, like a good hero.

Then onto the maze! I can’t complain about that much, but have to say he should have just hung out with the sphinx and not bothered passed her to prove a point.

So, we get to the graveyard, what do we see? Well, Harry sees blurry as his scar hurts, but what does he do? He stands his ground knowing Voldemort’s minion and the dark lord himself is close. He sees the blurry image and instead of “RUN”, he tries to see what it is! I’m certain it was obvious with the scar burning thing, but he is lacking common sense, what with all of the torment he’s suffered he is quite clueless.

Then blah blah blah, Harry escapes with Cedric’s body via the Tri-Wizard cup that Fake-Moody for some odd reason turned into a return portkey! Yeah, that makes so much sense, or should I say; the fake turned out to be an idiot too! Well, then the minister murdered him, like Dumbledore couldn’t have protected him, or McGonagall for that matter. So the minister is a retard, no surprises there, he’s a government official, aren’t they all?!

Fifth year, like, “no Fudge I won’t allow you to give us that “teacher”… oh what, you’ve made it law that if I can’t find a qualified teacher you’ll give us one that has no qualification in anything but kittens, and horrid pink cardigans!! OK!! It isn’t like I have loads of minions who obey me, and it isn’t like I can just get one to quit their job and take the Defence Class now is it?

“Though, she’ll be gone in a year anyway and it will do Harry good to see I’m awesome and the ministry are not.”

Though, thinking about the jobs jinx, just get rid of Defence against the Dark Arts, then start a new class called Dark Defence or Miscellaneous Magic Class! So Dumbledore, in all his power does nothing to stop Fudge, and even allows the papers to print liable and slanderous bull about him and Harry!

Then the crap with Snape teaching him, occlumency…? Hahaha! Seriously? That one always stumped me! It stumped me even more that Harry didn’t tell them to go and screw themselves! Snape? Teach? Hahaha! Snape can’t even teach potions! And Dumbledore expected him to teach Harry, a boy he hates more than any other the art of occlumency, a patient discipline? Snape?! That was just insane!

Then, Harry being so ingrained to believe that everything is blah blah blah his fault or responsibility see’s that memory and feels sorry for Snape. Snape was James’s Malfoy!! The douche deserves no pity! He could have changed, became a better man, got on with his life, but no, he chooses to torment an innocent, mentally and physically abused boy! That’s just low! Even Voldemort showed Harry more respect than that!

So, in that, Dumbledore led to Harry going to the ministry, (if you think for a moment that he should have believed Snape understood his ‘secret’ message, it wasn’t that, it was NO trust or respect for the grease ball. Honestly, would you have believed in him if you were in Harry’s place?!).

It was in the Department of Mysteries where Sirius lost his life because the old man thought it was fun to let Snape have easy access to Harry’s abuse! Then, though Snape knows Harry is nothing like James Potter, he doesn’t care and continues his abuse! And Harry having been groomed into the perfect target for adults to bully, lets him get away with it.

Sixth year, Snape as Defence Teacher…? He was bad enough getting away with threatening to poison students, but now flinging curses at them! He can’t be a teacher; teachers don’t torment you to an extent you can’t concentrate on anything but your hate! And teachers should never get away with any kind of abuse like that!

However, skipping that, these lessons with Dumbledore?! Like no! They’re just boring field trips! They didn’t tell him how to fight Voldemort, only about how to make him mortal! Which I’ll add could have been done like this “Hey Harry, I know how to make Voldemort mortal, here’s how…” then the rest of the time could be devoted to giving him some magic lessons, then when Dumbledore can’t I’m sure Flitwick would have been happy to tag in being a duelling champ, and a cool guy.

Then the death of Dumbledore, good riddance, but Harry was sad anyway, the man who had been mistreating him is dead, can anyone say Stockholm syndrome?! It’s almost as pathetic as thanking the Dursley’s for anything, for keeping him safe by not feeding him, locking him in a closet, and can anyone obviously say the Dursley’s didn’t hit or even beat him?!

Let’s not mention the many flying Harry’s bit in book seven! Please! Unnecessary waste of time and risk of life! Here’s an idea, Harry leaves under his Cloak of Invisibility, while under it, pollyjuice using a muggle boy or girls hair, slip after a few miles, get a taxi to London! Then train to Burrow, or nearest town, and then taxi rest of way. The more people, the more suspicious, alone, the Death Eaters are too stupid to think the Order would be that bullsie! But then the Order is full of weakling cowards!

The wedding? Why did Harry need to hide, to make it slightly harder to find him? Try the guy no one knows who’s hanging with Ron and Hermione instead of Harry! Der! Then just running away while their family was under attack?! And after the attack by the Death Eaters who have conquered the ministry, they STILL send Ginny back to Hogwarts! Are they that stupid! Obviously!!

Then on the hunt (can’t remember why – book 7 was so lame/disappointing I only read it once) Ron fair-weathered away again! Then came running back, and all was right, just like that, maybe it’s just me, but desert me in my time of need once, I can bring myself to take you back, do it again, F-U!

And the Hollows, did they just came out of nowhere, because the horcrux’s were at least hinted back to book 2, and the locket also featured in book 5! Nothing as far as I’ve seen hinted at the hollows until book 7! I’ve read better book 7 canon-style fanfiction!

Though, the locket horcrux proves that Molly Weasley is a hindrance. If not for her need to throw everything out, the thief wouldn’t have gotten it and sold it, which by the way; I would have him arrested if I were Harry!

Though, the absolute worse was the end fight with Voldemort (if you discount that crap at Gringotts). When Harry died, guess who, it’s Dumbledore, not his mother and or father! But the man who had been torturing him all his life, come to take the horcrux that was in Harry back to hell with him! Well, I like to think they’re both going to some horrid pits of torment, or at least get to suffer Lily’s rage for eternity!

However, I had to read over several times when Harry just won against Voldemort, just out of nowhere! I couldn’t quite believe how disappointing that was! (With the disarming charm of all ridiculous things). Then, LOL! Instead of getting back into Ginny or whatever, he goes to see Dumbledore again; his painting this time! Idiot!

Then last, that childishly written epilogue. Now, first the Malfoy’s Jr. and Sr. should have gone to jail no matter what they might have done, they’re still criminals! It kind of says you can be a murdering shit bag, but then if you turn good and help out someone in need you’ll get let off all of the lives you’ve destroyed!

Now, I’m fine with Rose, Lily, and even James and Hugo! But oh, dam, Albus Severus, named after the greatest Hogwarts Headmaster?! WTF! No, named after an abusive old man and an evil pile of dung!

Now I suppose I could just leave it here, but I want to push my point home, and hopefully, without doing a stupid list, push my point’s home a little further!

I feel that Dumbledore was the most insane and naive piece of child abusing moronic shite in the books! I grinned in delight when he died and got some happy butterflies of joy when Snape was finally ended, the evil creep he was!

“Oh, hey look, it’s a baby savour of us magical folks. Say what, he was hit by the darkest evil curse about? The killing curse you say? Well, not to worry, let’s not take him to get any medical attention, and leave him on this doorstep in the freezing cold with just a blanket and a letter to explain to his magic hating racist family what happened to him. What’s that you say? No, I doubt a fifteen month old kid could wake up and wander off and get hit by a car! No, it would be impossible for him to be kidnapped, he’ll be safe here. He’ll be unhappy and treated like a slave? No no no! Impossible! Anyway, if he grows up loved he won’t come to me whenever I want!” – Insert everything that’s ever happened to Harry Potter at Hogwarts, and add Dumbledore knows everything, the walls literally have eyes, ears, and mouths, and that he rapes minds with occlumency more than Snape, (nobody wants to look into Snape’s eyes; he’s filth!), and you’ll see, he knew EVERYTHING! And he let it happen while not offering any real help, or any help FULL-stop!

Voldemort wasn’t afraid of Dumbledore, cautious maybe, after all he knows the true evil that is Dumbledore and he would be stupid not to be wary. It’s just “LIGHT” propaganda that Voldemort fears Dumbledore. Now, you have to remember that the “light” have been groomed by Dumbledore for generations!

Also, think, when ALL of the Wizarding World fear Voldemort’s name to such an extent that they don’t even write it, how come muggle-born students, such as Hermione fear the name enough to flinch or gasp when Harry was no-doubt the first person who had ever said the name in front of her or others? In fact, how would magical world kids know it? This leaves a clever person suspicious of the reason, and I call foul-play on that too.

Then, I would like to point out the fidelius charm. Why were the underage not allowed to use magic within it? It was a conspiracy by them all, and probably shows the control Dumbledore has to stop them studying magic. I bet Hermione figured out (that they could use magic) and didn’t tell, showing her love for Dumbledore over Harry, and he and others didn’t realise because they just had misplaced faith.

The fidelius is designed to HIDE everything within, so detecting any magic, let alone underage would defeat its point! Not to mention the unplottable charms and other wards, dark or otherwise.

Then what about all of them other mage…? How could they possibly prove any of the ‘underage’ wizards used magic? The trace? It was just a convenience if you ask me. It wouldn’t be reliable enough because that would mean anyone can use your wand and you get in trouble! What about the twins, they managed just fine. If the trace exists, then why not leave it on, and then they could capture the Death Eaters! Though, they could get untraced wands I suppose.

Though, one of the stupidest bits, showing how deep Dumbledore’s control travelled was right in the epilogue: Albus Severus! Really, was that necessary?! Dumbledore had tormented Harry so much that he was so confused that he named his kid that!

Severus Snape, NO MATTER what he supposedly did that was ‘good’ was still a filthy douche! Not to mention that bit of bullying Harry saw by his father against Snape! Nobody got a chance to inform Harry that the greasy piece of dung would have done the same if his evil gang caught James by himself! Then the bit with Lily… she should have told that grease ball to get lost years before, but I’m in the opinion that she had been using him to learn black magicks!

I think I have to say I have more respect for Voldemort than Dumbledore, and that end battle with Harry and Voldemort sucked! So anticlimactic and weak! But then, Dumbledore squished Harry down so much he hadn’t the chance to get strong, and have an awesome battle.

Then that prophecy? Really? WEAK! Arthur Weasley was almost killed for bull-shite, NOTHING! I think I mentioned the prophecy before, but really, it needs to be said again!!

OK, and then last, though I am a Ginny fan (though I like loads of girls with him except Hermione, except in harem, but my faves now are Daphne and Astoria)…

So anyway, with Ginny, a rumbling monster in his chest…?! Yeah, you couldn’t make it sound any more love potion, or pathetic! But I doubt it would have been Ginny but Dumbledore spiking him!

If Ginny and Harry were getting together, should have started from after 2nd year. She was obviously fucked up from the Chamber too. They could have been there for each other. Then Harry dumps Ginny to protect her from people that aren’t that stupid, even if they did know about that right away!

Honestly, if the Weasley’s or ‘light’ family’s had any sense they would have sent their kids out of the country! Australia, New Zeeland, or the US, far away to continue school, but no, they’re all fecking morons, too far groomed in Dumbledore’s Greater Good, even after his death! So they send their children to Death Eater teachers!

So this is the end of my blog on why, I guess Harry Potter doesn’t suck so much as the evil around him, and Harry Potter as a series kinda sucks!

I hope to hear from everyone who reads whether hate or agreement or a solid argument in favour or against.

Thanks for reading,

Merlin Recon